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Happy Valentine's Day

As we were wrapping up bedtime tonight one child had disappeared amidst the brushing teeth, insulin injections, crying and hugging, and Children's Motrin routine (both kids are recovering from a cold).

Upon tucking Dave in, we went looking for a good 5 minutes for Evelyn. Tracking under beds, in bedrooms, closets, tubs, we finally realized some little feet poking out from under the kitchen sink. This is the first time she's hid on her own, and in a NEW hiding spot (I think she's been thinking about this one for awhile though). This was a camera moment not to be missed, and amazingly Evelyn didn't make a peep once until I snapped the toes picture. Then of course the reward, my sweet baby face! Too bad I had a fixed lens with not a very good night time aperture so the shots are a little blurry due to slow exposure and no tripod (hold your breath)!

Happy Valentine's Day! from Dingbat Press on Vimeo.

Usually I don't take a ton of initiative when I come up with and idea (hey I should make an animated GIF with this picture...wait I don't know how). But tonight I decided to go for it. If you want to learn how to do an easy animated GIF from photos, in photoshop, comment and I'll post directions if there's enough interest!

Happy Valentines, and for you Americans, have a great long weekend (unless you work in retail or don't have bosses that let you take the day off, and then that's quite unfortunate for you!)


Anonymous said...

What a darling face! She looks exactly like she fits into the family. What a beauty.

Much love to all. I am so glad you are feeling well.

Aunt Carolyn.

Aubergine said...

I love learning new little tricks so would love to see instructions if you can be bothered to write them up!

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