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Today is the day, 21 weeks and counting. We find out what kind of baby we'll be having: girl, boy or monkey! Here's a digital screen-shot of a *little* something (honoring little people) from the debut line I'll be launching in about 1 week to retailers. I really wanted to go to NSS this year, but baby #3 decided that it won't be happening that way, which is proably quite smart considering that I'll probably be in labour the week of the show. If you know of any shops you'd like to see my stuff in locally, comment away with shop name and city it's located in. I'll be sure get a press kit their way and keep my fingers crossed. Keep in mind, most buyers like to buy stuff that is similar to the type of inventory they already carry. Most retail offerings will be available for pre-order next week and will ship on or around February 15th via the Etsy shop. So if you'd rather just pick it up there, head on over soon!

Picture 8


Andrea said...

This is Andrea Davis...Lexie Hill's sister. I tried to find a personal contact for you, but couldn't see one, so feel free to remove this comment from this blog once you've seen it. I'm wondering if you could tell me what fonts you used on your RS blog banner? I really like it! If you're willing to share with me I'd love it! My email address is:

You have some fun stuff on here. Tell Brian hi for me! THANK YOU!


s g said...

so...what is the gender? I would love to hear. Looks like you are just a few weeks behind me, we are having another boy, lots of fun.

glad to see you are back blogging, I love your butterflies and cute, maybe if you aren't too prego and crazy, we could use you for our birth announcements. I am due mid-May- what about you?

Hope all is well...thinking of you guys!