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Pink - Off the Cuff


I've been digging this tailored seersucker pink wedding dress ever since it appeared in MS Weddings 2005. If I were to do it all over again I would go for something definitely like this! Here's a board for you off the cuff brides, enjoy!

Seersucker Pink Tailored Dress: Martha Stewart
Dance Bridal Shoes: Franco Sarto $85
Maids: Wool Pea Coat, Delia's $79.50
H81 Lily Stripe Skirt, Forever21 $24.50
Sneakers, Converse: $45
Food: Amy Atlas Dessert Buffets, seen on HWTM Blog
Ring: Titanium with Asian Pink Coral Inlay, $295
Clutch: Silk Paisley Clutch, $68
Maternity: For those in your wedding party that will be ungrateful you planned our wedding in the middle of their pregnancy! IsabellaOliver $122
Flowers: Orchid


emily said...

i WANT that ring. it's incredible!

and the dress...oh the dress. i want that too.

Tiffany said...

I love that dress too!! Seersucker, seersucker, seersucker, I love seersucker! It gets me fired up to find some brown seersucker fabric and make some throw pillows for my couch. Odd that a dress inspires me to make a throw pillow!

Anyway, I just love your blog. I have a Kelsey 6x10 letterpress that I need to fix up and restore. When I get a break in my work it's on! Your blog, your work and inspiring creativity makes me want to hurry up and get started.

Adrienne said...

I'm super excited for you and your Kelsey, you will LOVE it! If you ever need suggestions on what would be good for your little press or printing let me know, I'd be glad to post about it!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Adrienne!

I'll be blogging the progress as I go. I love reading letterpress printers blogs'. All the pictures of what's made and how is interesting to see.

Thanks again!