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I have the best clients ever!

Thank you to everyone who I've been lucky enough to have done custom stationery and letterpress pieces for!

You have really come through for me during this challenging time and although I've been blatantly slow at getting out my last few orders due to my not rotten fetus but rotten pregnancy, I appreciate your understanding and concern. I head back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and hopefully things will be good. 

In the mean time, thanks for being patient about your jobs and for letting me take extra time to finish them. I have been humbled at all of your positive responses and kindness as well as with your flexibility with my current situation. Thanks for waiting, thanks for patience and thanks for all the virtue in you to sympathize with my blehness.

I love you all, and appreciate all the kind and sensitive people out there. You really ROCKETH!


Stefanie Miller said...

Dear Adrienne,
I just heard your news! Congratulations on your pregnancy, but sympathies for being sick. I hope you get through the sick part quickly and regain enough strength to enjoy life and be excited. It's hard to be excited, even about a new baby, when you're so sick. Hopefully all the rest of us can be excited enough for you in the mean time.

Love, Stef

{amy lynn} said...

woohoo! baby time!

in other news, i have delcared your blog an "uber amazing blog"

visit my the following page for your award and info!

keep up the fab posts...and congrats chica.

Susie said...

Adrienne, you do such beautiful work! I love looking through your gallery. I hope you're back at it soon. You certainly have a gift. I'm proud of you!
P.S. We're praying for you. Hang in there!

landa said...

My sympathies to you on being sick but congrats on the baby.Hope it goes away quickly so that you can enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck!

Ritch in Love said...

Congratulations on your baby! You're going to be such a beautiful mom! I hope you're feeling better! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

MsClique said...

I stumbled upon your blog thru bakerella. so i followed you link. What a lovely blog/ site oooh and congrats on your impending baby bump!

You mentioned on a blog i read that you RENT lens. I had no idea one could do that. Would you mind emailing me to let me know where?

BTW... my mother was born in Driggs Idaho. Isnt the world a funny place --- that I would find you?

Hoping to hear from you Claudia