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These is my tools

Adobe CS4 now available for pre-order, and I've yet to purchase a wacom tablet. I know this will change my life forever but with a budding business I will just have to stick to sketching in ye ole sketchbook until at least the end of the year. Adobe here we come! Here's to wishful thinking and early holiday gestures (you know who you are).


{amy lynn} said...

omg. i luuurve the wacom tablet. i use it at work..and despise using anything else. it's a little hard to get used to...but now i don't use a mouse (and i never want to again).

Holly said...

I'm sure you'll love the tablet! I bought them for my two employees, but have no interest in it myself. I'm just a mouse girl, I guess.

Have you seen the monitor version where your tablet is actually your screen? How cool is that?

I can't wait for CS4! I heart Adobe.