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Thank You!!! There goes my hero(s)...

As I've said before, Thank YOU! You readers are what make me smile. Until recently (as you can scan my archive) I have avoided blogging for my business because of a lot of internal conflicts. The top two being:

1) People want a professional, not to hear about a personal life.

and 2) Everyone else out there in letterpress and design is far more insert positive adjective here than I, how will I ever break through the talent? I laugh at the term "wedding porn" now as I've learned it means that you make yourself sick imagining all these things you can't have but you just can't stop peeking. I have a bad case of design porn!

I've been proved wrong in both aspects mentioned above about blogging. Although you may be wishing to get all the dirrrty *hah* details on my life which don't exist, I won't be sharing my diary with you. HOWEVER, I've found through your comments and blogging about the giveaways that 

A) Whether or not I'm really talented, you seem to like what I'm doing here. While I LOVE all the design blogs, mommy blogs, cooking blogs etc. out there, some really make me wonder if I can make it in comparison to my industry having only been in business these past 3 years.

and B) Professionalism and Personality can coincide quite nicely, so as you might have observed, there will be little peeps into my life here and there, because really it all makes me who I am. I find I can't separate my design from my family as they enable and inspire me influencing heavily the work I choose to produce.

All insecurities aside, I'm going to be doing a few new things here as I schedule out what you want to read and win (of course the giveaways won't be leaving) but also I'd like to feature my design heros. I think in praising another's work it helps us to realize that they were once in the position we were, and keeps me from being green with envy.

My first grade teacher once told me when I had come in from recess sad that another had teased about my largely oversized glasses frames (way 80s): "Those that can not say kind things about another don't often hear kinds words themselves." I learned then that a compliment is never beyond any one person's capacity to express.

Although no one is picking on me or saying mean things now, sometimes it's the devil inside that can make work, family, home and friendships challenging as we tell ourselves we don't fit the bill. It's always a good exercise for me to spread the love when I'm not sure I can measure up to all the amazing talent out there. I'm excited to honor those whose work I admire and will be starting off after the Takem Tuesday Round Up. 

I've been blog-blubbering now on two occasions. Regular posts will resume tomorrow!


Kristen said...

Your work is fantastic! Keep it coming...
Happy Day.

Shannon said...

I absolutely love your blog and keep thinking that you are so much further along in your business than I am in my calligraphy. I search other calligraphy blogs/websites always feeling inferior and wondering how I will ever compete! But then I remember that their calligraphy is their style, and my calligraphy is my style...Not everyone is looking for the same thing. (and then I hope that people are looking for my style! :-p )

All that to say, I know how you feel!

Adrienne said...

Sometimes i find myself feeling like I'm clawing and kicking my way to the top like an indizilla business owner! Then I realize that the top might not be where I want to be. Somewhere in the middle making money and having fun sounds good!