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Temptation Winner/ GIVEAWAY at 3pm!

I still haven't heard from the winner from the cupcake cards, so below are both winners for this week and last week. If I do not hear from the winner within one week of announcing, then another winner will be generated.

Congratulations Casey! I love bunny tracks too, now you can indulge for the big win! Please contact me by next Friday or these will be up for grabs again!


And Elisha #159! Letterpress DOES feel good, aren't we all suckers for something so crisp and tactilee? Contact me or this might go to someone else, I'll give you until next Friday.



Casey said...

oh thank you thank you thanks you! i'm so excited to get these! please e-mail me at
i tried to find where you have posted your e-mail address and couldn't find e-mail me and i will then be able to send you my address.
thanks again! :)

emily said...

Wow, I wish I were getting married so I could win this!

Adrienne said...

Emily, There will be other big giveaways in the future that you might benefit from :) Check back every friday!

Anurag Bansal said...

I do see your above comment highlighted. Read the comment on my blog post for the doubt you might have.
You might wanna change your comment setting to have 'embedded below post'.
Check it out:

Anurag Bansal