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Takem, part 3

For all my Etsy lovers out there, here's a little jewelry that I swoon over regularly. I have to say, I don't own much jewelry. Most of it has been given to me by my mother or my fabulous manly man (fabulous just wouldn't be the right word for a rough huntin' type of man).

I don't really buy any for myself that often because I never really think while I'm shopping
How about, yeah. Let's upsize that .68 carat diamond to a 5 carat, and hey throw in a set of sapphire studs with that tab that my millionaire genius child can pay for.

I'm not super blingalicious so the few pieces I do have are dear to my heart, as someone has given them to me on a special occasion. As much as I'd like to buy more jewelry, I also like the unique memories that come along with each gift and wouldn't want to over clutter my brain seeing that I'd soon forget which of my many men gave it to me. Just kidding sweetheart, you are my one and only!

Longs story short, if you ever want to gift me with jewelry (yes, all you new best friends that like my giveaways) I'd happily accept, and we can either make up some crazy story as to how we met and post it on Facebook for all to see, or blog about it randomly in overwrought Etsy posts.


The drumroll please for all these amazing Etsy sellers which I'm sure have already been featured on all the really good blogs out there...
Top Left - Right
ti squared : noformdesign
Sterling Bali Bead Hoops : modernbird
Baby Elephant Neclace : modernbird
Parryllel Bar. Sterling silver stud earrings : chrisparry
Bottom Left
Silver Rosetta Earrings : eninaj
Coins are all I have ring : misswee


Holly said...

I love the Rosetta earrings, they're fabulous!