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Pink for October

Welcome to October 1. Many of you may have heard that every October, websites Go Pink For October to raise awareness of breast cancer. Part of becoming PINK is making your website or blog pinkish, promoting knowledge of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and research and making yourself more aware of the affects of breast cancer. In honor of those who have suffered from breast cancer either themselves or have been affected by those who have had cancer in their families or among friends I've gone pink on the blog, and the website will go pink as well over the next week. I know we all have someone we know or have experienced this disease first hand, and please for you and for them, go pink to show your support and love, these people are strong and courageous and have a great stamina in them to endure such an ordeal.

To the right in my sidebar, below my giveaway, there's a banner that you can save and post on your sidebar. You can register your site for Pink HERE or read more about research and donation at the Susan G. Komen Foundation website.

In hosting Pink for the Cure, I'm supposed to host a party. Since I can't really do that physically, my donation party will be open all month on the blog. The donation site for Dingbat Press' Pink for the Cure is HERE, and for those that wish to donate, I'll be giving away a 10 pack of holiday gift tags in the infamous cupcake pop design. 

Contributions can range from $5 up, and make sure when you donate that you elect to show your name and donation information. Comment below letting me know you've donated, and when I receive verification from the "shop", I'll send out your cupcake pop gift tags! For the extra ambitious, $50 donations will get you a set of 15 cupcake pop recipe cards.

Good luck and please support the development and research of breast cancer!


Kate said...

Ok, so how do I put the little banner on my blog?