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Minky Inky, the luxurious side of printing!

Mixing Ink
Don't you just love these luxurious photos? This copper almost looks like Godiva chocolate. Many people ask me what ink colors are available to my clientele. In response to color, really whatever suits your fancy! I have ten base inks that correlate with the pantone matching system. With those inks just about any color you want can be mixed. As fall is approaching I always stir up a nice batch of copper and store it in my dependable little film canisters for safe keeping. Note my lovely mixing tools : canister, skewer, & ink (silver, yellow, and warm red ink make copper). It's quite simple and exhilarating to see a fresh print come off the press! So please don't be shy about requesting custom colors, it's something that I am happy to do for you!


Holly said...

Gorgeous! I love autumn and all its glorious colors.

Pen and Ink Calligraphy said...

I love these pics! The copper is so beautiful - perfect for fall!

Jingle said...

Those are beautiful photographs! Love how you captured the texture!

jen said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the contrast of the copper and the greenish blue papers. Beautiful pictures. :)