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Kid at heART, a little about me for those that lurk!

So I'm not the mother that has the gene pool in her to figure out quantum physics or have a refined knowledge of calc. When my children come to the age where they'll be taking all sorts of classes that I can't even pronounce, tutors will come in handy as I will be helpless in directing the learning of those subjects. 

Many people ask me how I got in to graphic design and eventually letterpress as a career and I explain simply, I couldn't do anything else. Growing up I had a passion for drawing and sculpture. Academics were not my forte. I attribute my early graduation from high school and mediocre grades throughout, to motivation and my artistic insight (and of course awesome parents)! Every group project I was assigned turned into creative field day! I was all over being the designated poster-maker, graph-drawer, pie-chart princess or whatever you would call it. If I didn't have to solve the problem, I was fine being the brains behind the artistry. 

There were a few select teachers I admire for helping me to learn in a visual atmosphere. As I struggled through their classes with C's and D's, it occurred to them to introduce a different way of learning the subject matter. Trigonometry, Geometry, and Biology now have fond places in my heart as I learned to love the subjects through anatomically drawing what was required to learn in class. 

While I have to say that I never became passionate enough to pursue those subjects beyond high school and general college courses, I will always remember as a young person how others can influence one's life. 

Fast forward 10 years and my 4 year old has an obsessive fascination with dinosaurs. While I can't teach him about the biological and scientific makeup of dinosaurs, it is great to use what I have and make things for him that continue his interest in the subject! I love making things with my hands and birthdays are a big deal around here, as I get to exercise the only talent I have: creation. Below are some of what we did to celebrate, and tomorrow there will be a fun giveaway just for the little ones in our lives whether it be children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or neighbor buddies.  May we try to inspire and love as those that have gone before us!


Dino Volcano Cake, meet: Dino eggs on a stick, meet: Meca King Gidorah, meet: David. I love you sweetreat, Happy Birthday!


sheena said...

Happy birthday Dave! What an adorable little boy! I can't believe how big he is now! I love these cupcakes on a stick. I made them when Martha had them on her show last year. Love them!

Pen and Ink Calligraphy said...

Wow, David sure is a lucky little guy! What wonderful birthday treats!

Lemiga Events said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing. And how cool a mom are you to be able to make a dinosaur birthday party for him.