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Inspiration Board, Christmas/Valentines Wedding


Maggite Sottero
I'm not a huge fan of the mermaid, but I love how Maggie has a few red dresses in the collection every year. Wouldn't that sweetheart bust would be fabulous for a Valentine's wedding as well. Check out the back of the dress in the bottom right.

Hand it over to WhichGoose again for this rocking headpiece.

Great for a brooch or boutteneire! These are so cool, they are hand painted and assembled on a pin, I love it.

Ring from Suzanne Felson yet again, I LOVE Suzanne!

I used to wear Laura Ashley as a little girl and their clothing just always continues to be so classic! This is from their fall/winter collection, wouldn't it be great as a luncheon outfit or maybe a going away outfit after leaving the reception?

Karen over at French Kiss Pastries made these lovely apple cakes, aren't they wonderful? You should check out her flickr feed as well, quite the wmoan!

I am really in love with this tiered dress from J.Crew, despite the steep price tag, it would be super cool for maids, or as a rehearsal dinner dress.

Invitation: from your favorite letterpress stationer ;)

Not to get all Matching Molly on you, but how cool is this comb from WhichGoose for your maids, then you can all be whimsical together?!

I loved this cake from Edible Art's flickr stream, nice work!

Both of these bouquets are from DragonFlyFlowers flickr stream as well. I LOVE the Reds and greens with the orchids, amazing.


*Michelle said...

HOLY SEXY RED DRESS!!!! I tend to dislike the mermaid too, but this is awesome! Most red dresses tend to look a little garish to me, but OMG I am loving that one!

Adrienne said...

exactly my thoughts, I was torn on this dress for awhile but the more I look at it the more I think, how awesome it would be!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I just jumped over from Shannon...please enter me in your giveaway. I'm having one too so hop over and check it out it you get the chance.

Holly said...

I love Edible Art's cake - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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