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Holiday Preview

Since you've all been wondering what I've been up to this week I'm sure...I've been printing all of my holiday collection and posting photos to the Flickr site as well as Etsy. You are going to FREAK at the freaky stuff I'll be posting later today, I can hardly stand it. GIVEAWAY winner and new product will be posted at 5pm today as I've got a deadline this afternoon!


Available in my Etsy shop, this is a 2 color red/blind printed, A6 (4.5 x 6.25") flat holiday card paired with a matching envelope. You'll notice on there that the lace pattern in the background is from the Lola wedding invitation, so all you BRIDEZILLAS, here is what it looks like printed. 

Also in case you might be wondering, yes that is the Dingbat Family. If you want this holiday card, it comes without photos (thankfully). However, if you'd like, I have a great lab I partner with and can color correct and send out for professional lab prints to go with any holiday card you order. The only stipulation you ask? The photo must be taken by you or you must have permission to reproduce. FYI, these photos are about 1 x 1.5".


Abbie said...

I love this card... and the pictures are super cute.

Kati said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!

Holly said...

I love, love, love the texture of the debossing!

Kate said...

This may have to be my Christmas card. Could we do different wording and font if I had you a plate made or just paid for you to have it made? I'd like to include our name and maybe have it in some sort of script. I thought I was going to get my press by Christmas, but I'm not. :(