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My mustard baby DIY.

My family always jokes that I have a billion EXTRA projects going on in addition to my normal life which then leads them to believe that my capacity to finish said projects is slim. Well, this summer has proved them wrong. I will be posting two large projects that have been 8 years in the making. The first, was a dilapidated old coffee table I found at a yard sale. This baby was bought in the year 2000 and throughout my ownership has since been in storage, a horse trailer (doubling as a moving trailer), has survived two winters OUTSIDE, and the rest of its life to date in my basement. 

When a friend needed help refinishing a project I joined in on the fun and finally pulled this thing out of the dungeon. 

Picture 12

After 2 weeks of stripping (yeah I know what you all are thinking right now and NO I'm not that kind of person), 1.5 weeks of sanding/puttying, 1 week of painting/sanding, 1 day of silver leafing and black glazing, 1 week of deciding I don't like the black glaze, 1 more day of silver leafing, and 72 hours of resin curing I have given birth to yet another baby. Thanks heavens this wasn't a 9 month pregnancy. Announcing my mustard baby. 


It only seems fitting since mustard is my favorite condiment that this little labour of love take on a new form.


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! Love the mustard yellow. The silver leaf is awesome.Who knew an 'outside' table could look so good.