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The Letterpress Escape

For those of you that do not read the blog, as really no one does - and in case you've been mysteriously wondering why there have not been any new posts - the fact is I've been doing a lot of studio work lately that has been keeping me from my letterpress fancies! In a previous life well, not really that previous but anyway I worked as a graphic designer at an ad agency where they taught me almost everything I know. Since then I've freelanced out print and web work but my passions gave way to the art of letterpress printing and the need to get my hands inky. Every once in awhile though I get an opportunity to re-enter the print and web world (non-letterpress related) if there's a project that looks really enticing. I love being able to have design as an alternative to stir up my brain and create new challenges when I feel like impression after impression on my 700 lb. press can get a little monotonous. I've been working on a new project for a client that came as a follow up after doing her wedding invitations. It's been really great to be back in the design mode these last few weeks because I forget the advantages of the different printing options out there. While I love the fine art aspect of letterpress printing and the crisp, clean impression on a soft paper pulling at my heartstrings, I also forget how amazing offset printing can look as well. I admit I'm a letterpress snob on many levels so it's fun to surprise myself every once in awhile. I've been scouting for some different alternatives of photography for my client and some of the stuff I'm finding really impresses me at how amazing photography looks when printed well too. I can't wait to put everything together and present the next round of proofs to the client! In the meantime, I'm also working on a few website re-designs with my mad new Dreamweaver skills that have developed and will be picking back up on the letterpress posts soon. Just thought I'd let you all know where I've disappeared to!