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Welcome to the year-long project of redesigning the website. I usually overextend (and overwhelm) myself with projects that I think I can do in ridiculously short amounts of time. The website being one of them. In it's first launch I tried to learn Flash (lifelong learner here). That generation of learning and website never got finished, never made it on Google (thank Flash programming), and was just really pathetic in the end.

Come last fall, I decided to redesign in Dreamweaver - which I've never touched before. And yes, I decided not to hire a programmer again, instead opting for the continued education. I know there are a plethora of designers out there that are shuddering at the thought, and even more programmers that are thinking, "This person is of the Devil. Those designers think they know it all!" I confess to you now, I don't really know anything except that I like to try new things. My credits go to the solicitation of friends advice and colleagues suggestions & critiques. Not to be forgotten, a lot of Lynda tutorials, and a working brain. I have come to wrap things up and it not only feels like giving birth to my third child but that if forced, my brain might be able to learn Tagalic, Romanian, or maybe even Japanese at some given point (after using Dreamweaver). HTML and I are not best friends yet but there is no longer a severe need for a translator.

With that said, although not all the stationery lines are active (namely Holiday, and Dovetail), they will be soon. So keep checking back. However, the GALLERY is getting added to at a fast pace. Now you can see the work of Dingbat Press in almost Hi-Definition.


melissa said...

You live in Driggs? I grew up not far away. Driggs is so beautiful!