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Child Slave Labor : Letterpress 101

After months of paper and orders coming and going from our studio, we finally decided to gut and put it back together. This is the first time in about a year I've permitted my 3 year old on the premises, and the virgin tour for my 18 month old.

The following ensued:




"What's deeze things called?"


"Burniture? Whats it used for?"

it's used to lock up the form on the press so the letters don't move when I print

"Is that press that big old honkin thingy you work on?"

yes, it's called a letterpress

"Can I go to work on a letterpress when I'm big like daddy?"

Sure! That would be FUN!

"Okay...but mom? Evelyn's messin up the burniture. She doesn't know how to put them back in the right spots."

that's okay, she's just a baby.

"Well, she can't play with my letterpress until she learns how to put the burniture back in the right places, okay?"

Sounds like a plan.

"Thanks mom, I like these drumstick burnitures, can I go play Rock Band with these?"