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Fundamentalist at heART

I now understand why my first art courses in school were called Foundation Art : Fundamentals in Drawing. After what seems like ages of life spent on the computer, and many eye exams & prescriptions later, I'm really relishing the fact that I haven't totally lost touch with my drawing skillz. That's not to say I woudn't LOVE to take all of my drawing classes over a second or third time, but that it's nice to pick up the sketch book and refresh myself. With the age of stock art and photography, it seems even more pertinent to not use them as a crutch (witch I whole-heartedly admit to resorting to on certain occasions, yes I have flaws). I also understand though that in some cases I am not the amazing, 'generate-anything on the first try' (or numerous tries) type of gal either. So sometimes, stock can be useful in those areas that I just can't work it out on paper or digitally. With that said, I'm trying to explore some new areas in my sketchbook and develop ideas for the future. In hopes that a really refined sketching habit can lead to super refined sketches and ideas, I have my family and friends to thank for their encouragement to continue to make my work my own. Back to the drawing board.