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I've moved!!!

Over the long weekend (outside of printing, estimates, more work on finishing the catalogue, etc.) I decided it was time to switch to Word Press and self-hosting. Blogger has been a good starter friend and it's been good to me with simple html and css editing, however I think it was time to move on to something a little more customizable!  All posts have been imported over there, and while I'll be updating and finessing it throughout week, you'll want to update your favorites and bookmark the new blog!


Happy Valentine's Day

As we were wrapping up bedtime tonight one child had disappeared amidst the brushing teeth, insulin injections, crying and hugging, and Children's Motrin routine (both kids are recovering from a cold).

Upon tucking Dave in, we went looking for a good 5 minutes for Evelyn. Tracking under beds, in bedrooms, closets, tubs, we finally realized some little feet poking out from under the kitchen sink. This is the first time she's hid on her own, and in a NEW hiding spot (I think she's been thinking about this one for awhile though). This was a camera moment not to be missed, and amazingly Evelyn didn't make a peep once until I snapped the toes picture. Then of course the reward, my sweet baby face! Too bad I had a fixed lens with not a very good night time aperture so the shots are a little blurry due to slow exposure and no tripod (hold your breath)!

Happy Valentine's Day! from Dingbat Press on Vimeo.

Usually I don't take a ton of initiative when I come up with and idea (hey I should make an animated GIF with this picture...wait I don't know how). But tonight I decided to go for it. If you want to learn how to do an easy animated GIF from photos, in photoshop, comment and I'll post directions if there's enough interest!

Happy Valentines, and for you Americans, have a great long weekend (unless you work in retail or don't have bosses that let you take the day off, and then that's quite unfortunate for you!)

Updated Giveaway!

Since there aren't any takers on the giveaway, I'm changing the requirements! Leave a comment by the 20th and you'll be entered to win one of these BABY SHOWER INVITE SETS:


Just make sure you let me know which one you want and that there's a way to contact you!


Blossom Invitations Take 2

This is a great example of a template design customized to a client's color scheme. Here's a job I just sent out last week that was printed on Super-thick with a chartreuse envelope in the Blossom design, available for purchase here

Letterpress Wedding Blossom

and the original below:

Brynn Invitation


What a croc?

I've never been on the Croc bandwagon until they came out with the prima ballet flats, which I LOVE! The rest I think are simply ugly, however the design team seems to be picking up a few new cues as you can see in these new flats: Olivia and Malindi
I think my brain is too heavily relying on the snow melting sometime this week so I can get out in my garden, however as wishful thinking doesn't ever dictate, the snow will melt around here in May or June. 

Here's to whishful warm weather!

Personal Stationery

These were ordered in the midst of morning sickness, so I can now look at the skull and fondly think of poison at any given moment. Thankfully this client was very understanding of the situation at hand and agreed to wait until I was back on my feet to get these in hand (in return she got a bonus in numbers :) Enjoy!

Letterpress Personalized Notes


Happy Holidays a little late

Unfortunately I can't take credit for designing this fabulous holiday card but thought I'd share the pics now that the holidays are over and done with. This was a really fun job to print and even more great working with a talented artist and designer. Enjoy!

Custom Printed Holiday

It's a GIVEAWAY, and the gender is...

BOY! And in honor of the upcoming arrival, take a bite out of these baby boy shark shower imprintables. They measure 4.5x6" and come paired with silver envelopes. 2 Color printed on thick cotton paper and available in the SHOP this evening! These are from my debut stationery collection, so make sure you check back as I'll be updating with more photos over the next few weeks.

TO WIN GIVEAWAY 8: Please leave a link to your blog and post about the giveaway there! If you want the girl version I'll post photos tomorrow and you can choose between the two! Unsuccessful links/linkbacks will not be counted. Contest runs until Friday February 20th, and if I have no way to contact you I'll generate another winner.

Shark Baby Shower Shower Blog Letterpress

And the winner for the STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE recipe cards is Amy. Congrats on the win, these will be an awesome addition to all of your cooking adventures!



Computer Crashed!

Sorry about the absence. I've been reviving my mac and it's taken me most of last week and weekend! I'm on the last push of installing my software and will be back blogging hopefully by tomorrow or Wednesday with giveaway winners and more stuff! I lost my WHOLE catalogue that was hours from being finished (for wholesale) though so I'm a little annoyed at the HD right now! I guess that's what I get for being lacking on backing up this week! Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll be up and running soon.



Today is the day, 21 weeks and counting. We find out what kind of baby we'll be having: girl, boy or monkey! Here's a digital screen-shot of a *little* something (honoring little people) from the debut line I'll be launching in about 1 week to retailers. I really wanted to go to NSS this year, but baby #3 decided that it won't be happening that way, which is proably quite smart considering that I'll probably be in labour the week of the show. If you know of any shops you'd like to see my stuff in locally, comment away with shop name and city it's located in. I'll be sure get a press kit their way and keep my fingers crossed. Keep in mind, most buyers like to buy stuff that is similar to the type of inventory they already carry. Most retail offerings will be available for pre-order next week and will ship on or around February 15th via the Etsy shop. So if you'd rather just pick it up there, head on over soon!

Picture 8


GIVEAWAY 7, Strawberry shortcake!

I just love strawberry shortcake (for you food connoisseurs out there, angel food cake)! Also, did you know that strawberries contain almost NO carbs (in diabetic terms, this is a very good snack for not raising your blood glucose levels: translation to a 4 year old - no shots for strawberries unless one want's to eat a whole pint). Upon seeing this great recipe from Gourmet magazine with drizzled ganache I just had to try to create an illustration of it for a recipe card.  As you can see, the result is as follows. One lucky commenter can win a set of 10 of these, 2 color (red/brown) recipe cards measuring 4.25x6". The deal? Tell me your favorite kind of cake or cupcake and if you have carb info on a serving you'll get an extra entry (I'm a nerd I know but calorie king gets a little annoying sometimes)! Lastly, make sure there's a way for me to contact you in the event that you are randomly picked! Giveaway ends 1.30.09 at midnight.




Bringing back Blogging.

I have finally started to recover from last quarter's events. As you may have known, my 4 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in December and we've been learning some new things about parenting we never knew before! As far as getting back into a routine, I feel like it's starting to finally happen. I've gained back all the weight I lost at the first of my pregnancy (a whopping 18 lbs.) and a few extra to boot. The baby is kicking around regularly, and we have the ultrasound next week! My mom is recovering miraculously and doctors say she'll make a full recovery, how blessed we are!

As I think about work, and printing and design now that I'm out of the woods again, I find that one of the main things I've been afraid of getting back into is blogging. I feel like there are so many different things in my life now, that puts blogging in a backseat position, however our Diabetic Educator is encouraging us to pick up where we left off and put the pieces back together. I wonder if I am the same person, or if new me will be as responsive to design trends and new clothes when there's insulin to be paid for and blood tests to be taken every couple of hours. And then I consider: I want my son to have as fulfilling a life with diabetes as he would have had otherwise. If I can't put myself back together how will he ever do it? So we are bringing it all back. The fun - into our lives. Join me as I continue to blog from a dingbat's perspective with design eccentricities, current work, GIVEAWAYS, and maybe a little diabetes education on the side.

Below, for those in the throes of wedding planning, a little iCANDY for a favor idea. Great for the recession, and on the pocket books, these were adorned with tags printed by yours truly to match this invitation suite. Enjoy!

Picture 33


When it Rains it Pours: The Holiday Novel

As you know, I'm expecting my third child. Along with the complications I've had with this pregnancy, I've been humbled as I've struggled to keep my business running smoothly with wacky health on top of regular motherhood responsibilities. Most accountants say that small businesses don't make it past their 3rd year, and with the recession officially announced I'm constantly wondering if I'll be the next to flop. I'm not writing to increase sales in my Etsy shop but to explain that if the shop closes or I end up not posting new product, it's not for a lack of desire to continue but more because of a change of priorities. 

As the holiday season approaches, many challenges have come about that have really humbled me. I'm not one to wallow in sorrow and feel sorry for myself, yet feel inclined to share for those who may be questioning my slowness (in business transactions and pretty much everything else) previously related to just a pregnancy. While I've had many compassionate clients, I don't feel it fair for them to have waited patiently for a product and not feel it satisfactory. I've tried in whatever way I can to amend the problems with the few orders that went out this month but it seems necessary to explain myself as I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to put towards new product this year or towards this blog. 

This last month after seeing my doctor and learning I am still not gaining sufficient weight for this pregnancy, I received a phone call that my mother had experienced a cerebral hemorhage and stroke. I immediately drove 450 miles to the hospital she was admitted to, to attend to her as well as my dad during this difficult time. Within 24 hours I was notified by my husband that our 4 year old had been hospitalized and was borderline going into shock and potentially a coma. He was immediately diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I ended up driving back home the following morning and have been in the hospital here with him and my amazing husband since. 

It has been a humbling and emotional time for me and our family and I may have not made the best of judgement concerning printed jobs that went out these last few weeks due to the stress and upheaval I've been experiencing with my family. I apologize to my more custom clients that feel their product was unsatisfactory in any way and wish I could have been in a better position to be the neurotic person that I usually am in printing and fulfilling orders. 

I hope as you all go about your holiday activities, that you will prioritize and evaluate your relationships with those you love and be thankful for the blessings that are in your life. You never know how long family will be around or when you'll be required to meet their needs as they have met yours, and I only hope that as I experience these trials I can be better about the things that matter most.

I don't know when I'll be returning to blogging with these new responsibilities but will continue to update my shop as frequently as I can under the circumstances. 

Lastly I want to express my love to my amazing husband, family and friends. Without them I would be barely surviving. My mom has been an incredible example through her new challenges with never-ending optimism and good humor. She is determined to get going again and not let this set her back. My husband has been mr. mom literally for the 8 weeks I was on bed rest - cleaning, cooking, and being a great Dad and husband. He packed me up to go see my mom and then ended up in the hospital hours later with our sweet little trooper boy. My brothers and sister-in-law have cried with me as I've needed someone to talk to and my father has been a real man of iron during this whole ordeal while attending to my mother AND being paranoid about his little pregnant daughter. My extended family has swept in like saving angels and my husband's family have really been inspiring by thier kindness and love during this challenging time. Not to mention all the friends that surprised me with their loyalty and charity. My heart is full of gratitude during this trying time, and is comforted that all will be well eventually as miracles are constantly manifesting themselves as the days progress. 

Thank you to everyone for the support of this blog and if I can eventually work it back in I will be so happy to contribute to it again, but as for now there are other things that need my attention. Keep up all of your own wonderful blogging as I still visit them for inspiration and a quick pick-me up, and please don't hesitate to let those you love know of all the things that you appreciate about them.

May your holidays be merry and bright and full of love.


I have the best clients ever!

Thank you to everyone who I've been lucky enough to have done custom stationery and letterpress pieces for!

You have really come through for me during this challenging time and although I've been blatantly slow at getting out my last few orders due to my not rotten fetus but rotten pregnancy, I appreciate your understanding and concern. I head back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and hopefully things will be good. 

In the mean time, thanks for being patient about your jobs and for letting me take extra time to finish them. I have been humbled at all of your positive responses and kindness as well as with your flexibility with my current situation. Thanks for waiting, thanks for patience and thanks for all the virtue in you to sympathize with my blehness.

I love you all, and appreciate all the kind and sensitive people out there. You really ROCKETH!


She's Having a Baby, bleh!

So I've been MIA. I regret to inform you that blogging will slow down significantly and I will not be taking any custom jobs until the spring due to the fact that I'm expecting. I am very ill and have had to turn away jobs until then to maintain strength needed to sustain the baby. I'll spare you the gory details, but just know I'm not being a slacker, I'm just not taking to this pregnancy well. You can still purchase items in my Etsy shop that are pre-printed and I'll have new product to launch in the spring to celebrate getting this baby out of me and into this lovely world! 

Thanks for understanding,


Week off Update

Hey guys! My website needs a desperate winter overhaul so I'll be posting the winner for the giveaway tomorrow with next week's giveaway as well. This giveaway will go through next Saturday to give everyone a fair chance. I might be posting here this week, I might not. Like I said, my website will be revisited this week and will be updated with MORE photography, a finalized collection, PDF catalogues for retail inquiries, line sheet inquiry info, ABOUT ME, and hopefully if I'm lucky some studio work (this part might be wishful thinking), as well as direct linkage from product on the site to the shop

Be patient please! I've got some really COOL posts that will involve you if you'd like to join in on the fun for all those get your hands dirty types! So come back and visit soon, I'll be posting again in about 7 days!


Pink - Off the Cuff


I've been digging this tailored seersucker pink wedding dress ever since it appeared in MS Weddings 2005. If I were to do it all over again I would go for something definitely like this! Here's a board for you off the cuff brides, enjoy!

Seersucker Pink Tailored Dress: Martha Stewart
Dance Bridal Shoes: Franco Sarto $85
Maids: Wool Pea Coat, Delia's $79.50
H81 Lily Stripe Skirt, Forever21 $24.50
Sneakers, Converse: $45
Food: Amy Atlas Dessert Buffets, seen on HWTM Blog
Ring: Titanium with Asian Pink Coral Inlay, $295
Clutch: Silk Paisley Clutch, $68
Maternity: For those in your wedding party that will be ungrateful you planned our wedding in the middle of their pregnancy! IsabellaOliver $122
Flowers: Orchid


GO Maple Leafs!

This is for all you Canadians out there! It's fall here and the aspens are turning. This was inspired out of my love for large maple trees and their gorgeous red foliage in the fall. I've tried twice to plant the Autumn Blaze Maple in our yard but it seems our winters are too harsh for a young sapling! Quite pathetic and disheartening. So in honor of the maples that won't grow in my zone despite what the local nursery says, I've made some lovely fall Maple Leaf cards.


These are special because they don't just come in a ClearBox, but in their own chocolate box with a letterpress maple leaf detail on the lid. AND, the envelopes are printed with maple leafs too! They come in a set of six and are getting listed in the shop today.


You'll also see that there is a cute chocolate bag with the same maple leaf detail on it. The bag is sold separately but you should think about it for your guests for thanksgiving...wouldn't it be cool to have one of these with a little something for your guest sitting on their plate for a special holiday dinner? You could even write their name on it, like it's a thanksgiving place-setting present! I kill myself with my creative genius sometimes ;)


Handbag Planet

For those of you out there that are in the market for a new handbag, visit In honor of their launch on October 15th, they will be giving out 1 handbag on the hour for 24 hours! There are some great bags so go check it out.



Oh Zara, How I doth Love thee!

My amazing mom was a caterer when I was young and instilled early in me a LOVE for all things dishes. Instead of paying taxes she purchased (legally, mind you) dishes for her business. Among her collection are original Fiesta ware, Villeroy and Boch, Waterford Crystal, Spode, Mikasa, Dansk, and more. I have to say my favorite memories as a child were scouting antique stores for Fiesta ware or the unique little tea cup or tea pot. I remember for one of my birthdays as a young girl wanting an english tea party. I think I was turning 5. We set out round tables in the backyard and everyone wore their fancy garb. One of the gifts my mom gave me was my first teapot, a china blue squarish pot perfect for a small child's fingers. I haven't collected much myself since I've been married as money is tight, however someday maybe I'll have a collection as amazing as my mother's! 

As I look around late at night, it always seems I find the perfect replacement set to the current dishes in the dish rack. These are no exception! I have loved ZARA since I discovered them in San Francisco in 2005. I pine for their store with modest prices and unbelievable fashion! But I was struck this evening as I found out that ZARA now has a home line. HOME, but not in the U.S.? Can I bribe any blog friends over the pond to purchase some for me and ship them home to my rural plat of land in Idaho? I'll trade letterpress goods, a whole deal of letterpress goods, like wedding invitations or baby announcements or something...

Desperate in Driggs


From the ZARA home collection: Left to right, Jenny Crockery, Chantal Teapot, Wallpaper Crockery, Piste Cutlery, Black Wine Glass with Turned Stem.


Giveaway 6, Thank You Notes

In wrapping up pink week and a little weddings on the side, this next giveaway is for anyone but specifically for those that might be writing a lot of thank you notes! Think, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding gifts.

The goods:
A set of 30 pink weathered notes with envelopes (blank interior). Even if you don't have a ton of thank you notes to write, these would be great split up in sets of 10 for holiday gifts or valentines gifts (I know it's far off but just a thought)!


To enter: 
You need to place a Go PINK with Dingbat Press banner in your side bar or on a post with something about breast cancer awareness for the following week. Then comment back here with your blog address. If you don't have a blog you can make a small contribution to the Susan G. Komen foundation by clicking on the GO PINK badge at the right. Comment back here that you've contributed and you'll be entered as well!


Comment #15, generated by

Picture 5

I hope you're still hungry!


More Maids Stuff!



Cancer Vixin

Look no further than this for gifts for your b.maids! This Cancer Vixin Spa pack from Bath and Boday Works is a great way to show your pink and your support .


Pink for October

Welcome to October 1. Many of you may have heard that every October, websites Go Pink For October to raise awareness of breast cancer. Part of becoming PINK is making your website or blog pinkish, promoting knowledge of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and research and making yourself more aware of the affects of breast cancer. In honor of those who have suffered from breast cancer either themselves or have been affected by those who have had cancer in their families or among friends I've gone pink on the blog, and the website will go pink as well over the next week. I know we all have someone we know or have experienced this disease first hand, and please for you and for them, go pink to show your support and love, these people are strong and courageous and have a great stamina in them to endure such an ordeal.

To the right in my sidebar, below my giveaway, there's a banner that you can save and post on your sidebar. You can register your site for Pink HERE or read more about research and donation at the Susan G. Komen Foundation website.

In hosting Pink for the Cure, I'm supposed to host a party. Since I can't really do that physically, my donation party will be open all month on the blog. The donation site for Dingbat Press' Pink for the Cure is HERE, and for those that wish to donate, I'll be giving away a 10 pack of holiday gift tags in the infamous cupcake pop design. 

Contributions can range from $5 up, and make sure when you donate that you elect to show your name and donation information. Comment below letting me know you've donated, and when I receive verification from the "shop", I'll send out your cupcake pop gift tags! For the extra ambitious, $50 donations will get you a set of 15 cupcake pop recipe cards.

Good luck and please support the development and research of breast cancer!

Inspiration Board, Christmas/Valentines Wedding


Maggite Sottero
I'm not a huge fan of the mermaid, but I love how Maggie has a few red dresses in the collection every year. Wouldn't that sweetheart bust would be fabulous for a Valentine's wedding as well. Check out the back of the dress in the bottom right.

Hand it over to WhichGoose again for this rocking headpiece.

Great for a brooch or boutteneire! These are so cool, they are hand painted and assembled on a pin, I love it.

Ring from Suzanne Felson yet again, I LOVE Suzanne!

I used to wear Laura Ashley as a little girl and their clothing just always continues to be so classic! This is from their fall/winter collection, wouldn't it be great as a luncheon outfit or maybe a going away outfit after leaving the reception?

Karen over at French Kiss Pastries made these lovely apple cakes, aren't they wonderful? You should check out her flickr feed as well, quite the wmoan!

I am really in love with this tiered dress from J.Crew, despite the steep price tag, it would be super cool for maids, or as a rehearsal dinner dress.

Invitation: from your favorite letterpress stationer ;)

Not to get all Matching Molly on you, but how cool is this comb from WhichGoose for your maids, then you can all be whimsical together?!

I loved this cake from Edible Art's flickr stream, nice work!

Both of these bouquets are from DragonFlyFlowers flickr stream as well. I LOVE the Reds and greens with the orchids, amazing.